Outing Around the Lake

Whereas our first Lab outing toured the old city center, our second excursion explored Zurich’s lake. Our day began at the head of the Limmat, where Zurich meets the lake, at Terrasse Restaurant. Over brunch we met the day’s party, which included partners, children, and one dog. We soaked up the late summer sunshine while chatting over croissants, eggs, and homemade jams. Lab Outing Brunch. After brunch, we walked south along the Quaianlagen, the pedestrian promenade along the east bank of the lake.

Lab Outing: City Tour

The first group activity of our newly founded group was to take a walk in the city we all work in and get acquainted with its history and lore. The route that we walked through, during our lab outing. We gathered for breakfast at the prestigious Confiserie Sprüngli at Paradeplatz (1). After everyone finished their coffees we met our tour guide Andrea, a lovely Zürcherin. She was telling us about the history of the city as she led us through the narrow alleys from the Fraumünster (2) to the ruins of the ancient Roman thermal baths (3).