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Clinical Data Science

Translational Bioinformatics



Long-read sequencing - Part I

An introduction to long-read sequencing.

30 days All-Cause Readmission

Comparing neural-networks versus logistic regression for predicting readmission.


Assessing the quality of online health information with AI.

Single Cell RNA Sequencing

Cancer on the cell level.

Drug-Drug Interactions

Novel computational method for drug-drug interaction predictions which are an important consideration for patient treatment.

Automated Reports from Xrays

Using deep learning for automatically generated medical reports describing radiological images.

Recent Posts


Interpretable Machine Learning

How can we better understand what our models are telling us?

Bio-informatics event

Last month, the Krauthammerlab and four other bio-informatics groups (Boeva, Menze, Rätsch and Vogt labs) from the ETH, UZH and USZ …

Data Traffic Control - make your data files human-friendly

Data files are the building materials we work with every day, all day. Working with them should be effortless.

Lab Hike: Adlisberg

Hiking through the May fog.


Genomics has and continues to transform our world and our society.

Lab Hike: Mount Rigi

This is how our lab gatherings look like during the pandemic.

A Quest for Reproducible Data Science

Have you ever tried to reproduce someone else’s analysis and got different results?

Book Review: Causality, Probability and Medicine by Donald Gillies

I read Donald Gillies’ book “Causality, Probability and Medicine” a while ago and wanted to give a brief comment and overview of the …

Biobanking at USZ

The USZ is building a centralized biobank infracture primarily for liquid samples together with standardized processed regarding sample …

Cat videos and retrotransposons

Rambling about memes and junk DNA

DQBM opening

The newly formed department of Quantitative Biomedicine, which the Krauthammer lab is part of, celebrated a kick-off meeting in October …

3rd Brown Bag Lunch

Last week’s Brown Bag Lunch was hosted by the Medical Informatics Group of University of Zurich. Prof. Krauthammer provided an …

Secure Data Exchange Using Distributed Ledger Technologies

Secure data exchange and integration is essential in medical informatics as it enables and accelerates evidence based medicine. …

Outing Around the Lake

Whereas our first Lab outing toured the old city center, our second excursion explored Zurich’s lake. Our day began at the head …

Lab Outing: City Tour

The first group activity of our newly founded group was to take a walk in the city we all work in and get acquainted with its history …

2nd Brown Bag Lunch

Last week, the Research Data Service Center (RDSC) of UniSpital Zürich (USZ) hosted the 2nd event of our jointly conducted series of …

Von der Forschung profitieren auch die Patientinnen und Patienten

Das UniversitätsSpital Zürich (USZ) engagiert sich stark im Bereich Forschung und Lehre. Im Jahre 2017 standen verschiedene Projekte im …

Meet the Team

Principal Investigator


Michael Krauthammer


Clinical Data Science, Translational Bioinformatics, Cancer Genetics

Senior Researchers and Postdocs


Ahmed Allam

Senior Researcher

Machine Learning


Zsolt Balázs


Bioinformatics, Cancer Genomics, Long-read sequencing, cfDNA sequencing


Farhad Nooralahzadeh


NLP, Machine Learning, Information Extraction, Domain Adaptation


Amina Mollaysa


Machine Learning

Grad Students


Cécile Trottet

PhD Student

Machine Learning, Clinical Decision Support Systems


Kyriakos Schwarz

PhD Student

Bioinformatics, Computational Pharmacology, Deep Learning


Ivna Ivanković

PhD Student

Bioinformatics, Cancer Genomics


Xiaochen Zheng

PhD Student

Machine Learning, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Machine Perception

Research Software Engineers


Mark McMahon

Junior Research Software Engineer

Data Science Tooling, Statistics, Machine Learning

Research Assistants


Giulia Rathmes


Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Machine Learning for Health Care, Internal Medicine

Richard Affolter

Master Thesis Student

Machine Learning, Bioinformatics, Time Series Analysis


Sanghwan Kim

Research Assistant

Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Multi-task Learning


Todor Gitchev

Senior Research Assistant

Bioinformatics, Applied Mathematics, Genomics & Epigenetics, Algorithms


Wadusan Sebastianpillai

MSc student

Bioinformatics, Cancer Genomics, Liquid biopsy


Xingyu Chen

Research Assistant

Contrastive Learning, Time-series analysis, Natural Language Processing



Claudia Stenger

Administrative Assistant

Affiliated Researchers


Fabio Rinaldi

Research Group Leader


Jan Bartussek

Research Group Leader

Physiology and Pathophysiology, Nonlinear Dynamics, Mechanistic Modelling


Laura Kinkead

Senior Research Software Engineer

Matteo Berchier

Research Assistant

Matthias Dittberner

Data Scientist

Aron Horvath

Postdoctoral Researcher

Daniel Trejo Banos

Postdoctoral researcher

Han Yuan

Visiting PhD Student

Leopold Franz

Research Assistant





Siyuan Luo

MSc student




Senior Data Masseuse

Sleeping, Hunting birds and mice, Scratching trees



Feel-good and Security Officer

Being the fastest dog in the neighborhood, Maintaining owner’s physical and mental health, Living the best day of her life every day



The Last Airbender

Jumping all over the place 🦘, Knocking over Chess pieces ♟️♕, remote control 📺 and everything in front of him, Playing soccer ⚽ and chasing butterflies 🦋, Sleeping 😴 in front of laptops 💻, Participating in origami 📄🏮 and crafting activities 🧶🎨



Bird Flight Coordinator

Belly rubs, Staying at home, Hanging around with her dog

Job Opportunities

Student Project in Time Series Representation Learning

Summary Time series analysis plays an important role in various industries such as medical informatics, healthcare, financial market, …

We are looking for Masters Students!

We are currently looking for Master’s students in the field of Bioinformatics for the topic of Epigenetic footprints in cell-free …


  • Michael Krauthammer

    Chair of Medical Informatics

    Department of Quantitative Biomedicine

    Schmelzbergstrasse 26

    8006 Zürich

    Building/Room: SHM 26 C2

  • Claudia Stenger

    Administrative Assistant

    Department of Quantitative Biomedicine

    Schmelzbergstrasse 26

    8006 Zürich

    Building/Room: SHM 26 D1

    phone: +41 44 635 66 31