Lab Outing: Küsnacht walk

Smile! :).

To enjoy some of the last weekends with good weather this year, we decided to go for a nice walk along the Tobelweg in Küsnacht. We met at the railway station Küsnacht ZH (not to be confused with Küssnacht am Rigi, we were there last year

The map of the route we took.

After everyone arrived, we started our little walk towards the forest. Following a short elevation, we turned toward the stream and for the rest of the way, we were walking upstream.

The nice little waterfalls of the stream complemented by autumn forest landscape provided a nice setting for our Saturday walk.

The Küsnachter Tobelweg in autumn.

Walking and chatting, we quickly reached the nearby village Zumikon, where we took the regional train back to Zurich.

The brave even dared walk up to the dragon’s cave.

Once in Zurich, we put the icing on the cake by having icecreams and frappés and enjoying the sun by the lake.

Group photo with (from left to right) Mark, Inbar, Xingyu, Todor, Amina, Cécile, Xiaochen, Zsolt, Manuel and Kyriakos.
Zsolt Balázs
Senior Researcher

Translational Bioinformatics.