Lab Ski Trip

The skiers & snowboarders

Towards the end of March, the Krauthammer Lab went on a 2-day ski trip to Davos, with an overnight stay in a hostel in the village.

An early start from Zürich on the first day meant that we could get a 7am train to the resort, check into our accomodation, and be on the slopes by 10am. There we found broad white pistes, with the blue sky providing a nice contrast. We did the first few ski runs as a full group, before splitting up into three groups - beginners, intermediates, and those with little regard for their safety (though they probably prefer to be called advanced). After a few hours we were all back together for lunch in a mountain restaurant, before going back out for a few more hours.

Lunch on the sunny slopes

While the larger group were battling gravity on the slopes, two perhaps more sensible members of the lab had a relaxing day in the valley with some nice food, views, and weather. Then we all met up in the evening for some games and a tasty dinner in the village.

The group back together for dinner

The next day followed a similar track, but in reverse. We met up for breakfast, skied (or relaxed), had lunch, then checked out of the hostel and got trains back to Zürich. Some left shortly after lunch, others stayed and used one of the last possible ski days of the season to its fullest.

The accomodation - potentially an old sanitarium (?), but perfectly nice.
Mark McMahon
Senior Research Software Engineer