DQBM opening

Members of the department of Quantitative Biomedicine at UZH.

The newly formed department of Quantitative Biomedicine, which the Krauthammer lab is part of, celebrated a kick-off meeting in October in which all groups gathered together. In an initial speech, Prof. Dr. Bodenmiller and Prof. Dr. med. Michael Krauthammer welcomed everyone and talked about the mission of the department on developing the future of Precision Medicine.

In this new department we have four extremely interesting labs working together. Prof. Dr. Magdalini Polymenidou, appointed Associated Professor for Biomedicine, works in Molecular Pathogenesis of Neurodegeneration. Prof. Dr. Rolf Kümmerli’s group researches microbrial evolutionary ecology looking to understand bacterial cooperation. Prof. Dr. Bernd Bodenmiller focuses his lab’s efforts on developing experimental and computational methods to understand regulatory systems at the single cell level that play relevant roles on cancer development. Finally, our group lead by Prof. Dr. med. Michael Krauthammer, focused in clinical data science.

Nicolas Perez

I am interested in using data science and image processing in translational medicine.