Zoo visit and Christmas dinner

Last week, our Lab went to the Zoo of Zurich and had a nice Christmas dinner with Fondue at “Chäsalp”. First, we spent the afternoon in the zoo where we could observe many interesting animals. Queen of animals Fun fact: Penguins are not able to pick up fish from the ground by themselves A hungry tiger A super cute red panda After the zoo visit, we went to the near located restaurant “Chäsalp” from where we had a nice view over the city.

Lab Outing: Küsnacht walk

A late autumn "hike".

Bio-informatics event

Last month, the Krauthammerlab and four other bio-informatics groups (Boeva, Menze, Rätsch and Vogt labs) from the ETH, UZH and USZ organized their first joint event. The goal of the evening was to meet and learn more about the research activities of the different groups. Each of the PIs gave a talk, introducing their lab and giving some background on the projects they are working on. Afterwards, all participants (PIs included!

Lab Hike: Adlisberg

Hiking through the May fog.

Lab Hike: Mount Rigi

This is how our lab gatherings look like during the pandemic.

Book Review: Causality, Probability and Medicine by Donald Gillies

I read Donald Gillies’ book “Causality, Probability and Medicine” a while ago and wanted to give a brief comment and overview of the content. There is no conflict of interest, this blog post simply represents my personal experience. I am neither promoting the book nor have I received funding for this article. About the author Donald Gillies studied Mathematics as well as Philosophy of Science at King’s College Cambridge and received his PhD from Cambridge University.

DQBM opening

The newly formed department of Quantitative Biomedicine, which the Krauthammer lab is part of, celebrated a kick-off meeting in October in which all groups gathered together. In an initial speech, Prof. Dr. Bodenmiller and Prof. Dr. med. Michael Krauthammer welcomed everyone and talked about the mission of the department on developing the future of Precision Medicine. In this new department we have four extremely interesting labs working together. Prof. Dr. Magdalini Polymenidou, appointed Associated Professor for Biomedicine, works in Molecular Pathogenesis of Neurodegeneration.

Outing Around the Lake

Whereas our first Lab outing toured the old city center, our second excursion explored Zurich’s lake. Our day began at the head of the Limmat, where Zurich meets the lake, at Terrasse Restaurant. Over brunch we met the day’s party, which included partners, children, and one dog. We soaked up the late summer sunshine while chatting over croissants, eggs, and homemade jams. Lab Outing Brunch. After brunch, we walked south along the Quaianlagen, the pedestrian promenade along the east bank of the lake.

Lab Outing: City Tour

The first group activity of our newly founded group was to take a walk in the city we all work in and get acquainted with its history and lore. The route that we walked through, during our lab outing. We gathered for breakfast at the prestigious Confiserie Sprüngli at Paradeplatz (1). After everyone finished their coffees we met our tour guide Andrea, a lovely Zürcherin. She was telling us about the history of the city as she led us through the narrow alleys from the Fraumünster (2) to the ruins of the ancient Roman thermal baths (3).