Bio-informatics event

Last month, the Krauthammerlab and four other bio-informatics groups (Boeva, Menze, Rätsch and Vogt labs) from the ETH, UZH and USZ organized their first joint event. The goal of the evening was to meet and learn more about the research activities of the different groups. Each of the PIs gave a talk, introducing their lab and giving some background on the projects they are working on. Afterwards, all participants (PIs included!

Biobanking at USZ

The USZ is building a centralized biobank infracture primarily for liquid samples together with standardized processed regarding sample collection, processing, storage and distribution. Dr. med. Michael Weisskopf, Head Research Biobanking Service Center, and Silvan Huber, Application Manager ICT, presented over a joint “Brown Bag” lunch to the Krauthammer Lab and the USZ Research Data Service Center. The USZ has multiple individual sample collections across its institutions. For tissues (particularly cancer tissue samples), the Institute of Pathology’s Centralized Tissue Biobank is well established and has been archiving samples since the 1990s.

3rd Brown Bag Lunch

Last week’s Brown Bag Lunch was hosted by the Medical Informatics Group of University of Zurich. Prof. Krauthammer provided an overview of our group’s overall aim and projects we are currently working on to our colleagues from the Research Data Service Center (RDSC) at UniSpital Zürich (USZ) . We are glad about the good collaboration with the team of the RDSC, which enables great research by providing us with high quality data.

Secure Data Exchange Using Distributed Ledger Technologies

Secure data exchange and integration is essential in medical informatics as it enables and accelerates evidence based medicine. Therefore we are very interested in related topics. Last October we invited Lucas Antelo as an external speaker. During his talk he presented the outcome of his bachelor thesis “Secure Data Exchange Using Distributed Ledger Technologies”. Lucas studied medicine at University Hospital Zurich followed by a computer science degree at Freie Universität Berlin.

2nd Brown Bag Lunch

Last week, the Research Data Service Center (RDSC) of UniSpital Zürich (USZ) hosted the 2nd event of our jointly conducted series of Brown Bag Lunches. Patrick Hirschi, Data Engineer at the RDSC, gave a presentation about the teams Data Platform development. He explained the current status of the Data Warehouse, which hosts existing and newly generated clinical data into a state-of-the-art database system. This enables us and our colleagues to work on the latest datasets, in the near future even in real-time, thus accelerating research in personalized medicine.