2nd Brown Bag Lunch

Patrick Hirschi, Data Engineer, explaining the Data Warehouse being build at the UniSpital Zürich (USZ)

Last week, the Research Data Service Center (RDSC) of UniSpital Zürich (USZ) hosted the 2nd event of our jointly conducted series of Brown Bag Lunches.

Patrick Hirschi, Data Engineer at the RDSC, gave a presentation about the teams Data Platform development. He explained the current status of the Data Warehouse, which hosts existing and newly generated clinical data into a state-of-the-art database system. This enables us and our colleagues to work on the latest datasets, in the near future even in real-time, thus accelerating research in personalized medicine.

The members of the RDSC also commented on their joint effort to integrate the USZ into Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) . The latter is a national initiative to combine medical data of all Swiss university hospitals in a secure and standardized manner.

We are very happy to see this progression towards integrated data platforms enabling new research opportunities and better digital health care services!

Matthias Dittberner
Data Scientist

Data science, statistical relational artificial intelligence, causal inference and algorithms.