Oncolytic Virotherapy Mediated Anti-Tumor Response: A Single-Cell Perspective

We investigated Talimogene laherparepvec (T-VEC) and its effect on the clinical, histological, single-cell transcriptomic and immune repertoire level using repeated fine-needle aspirates (FNAs) of injected and noninjected lesions in primary cutaneous B-cell lymphoma (pCBCL).

Long-read sequencing - Part I

An introduction to long-read sequencing.

Single Cell RNA Sequencing

Cancer on the cell level.

Drug-Drug Interactions

Novel computational method for drug-drug interaction predictions which are an important consideration for patient treatment.

We are looking for Masters Students in Bioinformatics!

We are currently looking for Master’s students in the field of Bioinformatics for the topic of Nucleosome footprints in cell-free DNA sequencing data Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) is released by dying cells into the surrounding tissues and also to the bloodstream. As nucleosomes protect DNA from degradation, plasma cfDNA carries information about the nucleosome organization in the cells of origin. Different characteristics of cfDNA are increasingly being used in the diagnostics of genetic diseases and the monitoring of cancer.