Ph.D. Position in A.I. for healthcare

The Krauthammer lab is looking for a motivated PhD candidate to work on projects in the intersection of healthcare, data science and machine learning with special emphasis on the analysis of patient’s longitudinal data.

Our goal is to develop state-of-the-art approaches and build best-in-class methods to capitalize on digital clinical information to automatically compare, analyze and visualize complex longitudinal patient journeys focusing on the concept of patient journey similarity. This involves building robust decision support systems powered by (explainable and interpretable) predictive algorithms for guiding patient therapy across all disease stages, the assessment of treatment effects using counterfactual inference and the identification of causal mechanisms driving disease progression. Moreover, there are possibilities to expand the research scope towards working with heterogeneous biomedical data for patient stratification.

Minimum qualifications

  • Master’s degree (MSc) in computer science (focused on machine learning), optimization, statistics, applied math or closely related discipline
  • Proficient in Python and the scientific computing stack (SciPy, Numpy, Scikit- learn, pandas)
  • Proficient in one of the deep learning frameworks (PyTorch, Tensorflow, or Jax)
  • Text editing using Markdown and LaTeX

Additional (preferred) qualifications

  • Knowledge of statistical time series modelling and forecasting (such as autoregressive models and exponential smoothing)
  • Knowledge of ODE and SDE
  • Knowledge and experience in using/developing neural network (NN) models for time series / longitudinal data analysis
  • Knowledge of probabilistic graphical models (such as Gaussian processes, Neural Process, Bayesian inference or Bayesian NN)
  • Knowledge of explainable AI methods (i.e., model explainability and interpretability)
  • Experience using Linux systems
  • Experience using Docker and singularity containers
  • Experience using HPC infrastructure

What we offer

We offer an interdisciplinary research environment, the possibility to direct your own research and access to state-of-the-art computational resources infrastructure.

  • Access to state-of-the-art infrastructure (computational resources), clinical datasets and medical expertise domain-knowledge (excellent medical doctors and research scientists)
  • Ability to make a real and tangible impact in healthcare research
  • Solve real-world problems and improve hospital-related processes and workflow
  • Stimulating research environment and a place to grow academically and professionally
  • Outstanding working conditions at the University of Zurich (more details here ).

Applicants should submit their application to with subject heading “PhD AI in Healthcare 2021”.

Ahmed Allam
Senior Researcher

Apparently, this member prefers to keep an air of mystery about them.