Data Science

Postdoctoral Position in Digital Health at the University of Zurich 100 %

Digital Health Zurich (DHZ) is a new research initiative between the University of Zurich (UZH), Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) and praxis partners (hospitals, pharma and others). The goal of the project is to investigate digital health solutions in the hospital context and implement them efficiently and with practical relevance. Core topics are Patient Reported Outcome Measure (PROMs), remote monitoring, integrated care and related technologies as well as empowerment of patients and staff.

We are looking for Masters Students!

We are currently looking for Master’s students in Clinical Data Science for the following topics Information extraction from German Radiology Report Large, labeled datasets have driven deep learning methods to achieve expert-level performance on a variety of medical imaging tasks. There are some English radiology report datasets that have been labeled automatically to detect in presence of 14 observations by capturing uncertainties inherent in radiograph interpretation. We would like to investigate different approaches such as the information extraction paradigm to label radiology reports in another language such as German.